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7 Types of ADD

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Hello, my name is Kristi. I have been diagnosed with ADHD, I also work with special needs kids, some of which have ADD among other problems.
Did you know that currently only 3 types of ADD are diagnosed by doctors but there is proof of 7 different types.
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Knowing your childs ADD subtype will help you find the best treatment
Children and adults both suffer from ADD. Sometimes it's hard to find a treatment that works. Not everyone with ADD is the same. There are 7 different types of ADD. Some people with ADD have co-occuring disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, conduct disorder, etc. Different subtypes may mimic other disorders, for example, a person with limbic ADD may look like he or she is suffering from depression. While treatments for depression and ADD can be similar, there are more options when you know for sure if it's ADD.